Thursday, May 30, 2013

Community Cafe to bring hope for a Flax harvest

For 18 months we have been praying for a hub for our outreach on the local estate.  During a prayer session in December last year, we believed that God was saying that we would have breakthrough in the Hebrew month of Nisan.  But when is Nisan? A book that we later found revealed Nisan to be between March and April.
Interestingly it also stated that Nisan is the month of the Flax harvest. From December onwards we carried pushing doors - one with some force - but they remained firmly shut. In April we pushed a door that flew open and so we now have a (trial) Community Café and can share all what Jesus has done for us over cake and coffee.
But back to the point of the Flax harvest. The Road on which our café is situated is no other than: Flaxley Road!
We are now praying that God will make our new ground fertile for a Flax harvest: a place where people of Flaxley Road will turn away from the stuff that is causing them so much pain (there is lots of pain here!) and turn to Christ as Lord and Saviour.