Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I don't have enough faith to be an atheist!

"(1) The scientific evidence overwhelmingly confirms that the universe exploded into being out of nothing. Either someone created something out of nothing (the Christian view) or no one created something out of nothing (the atheist view) Which view is more reasonable? The Christian view. Which view requires more faith? The atheist view.

(2) The simplest life form contains the information – equivalent of 1,000 encyclopaedias. Christians believe only an intelligent being can create a life form containing 1,000 encyclopaedias. Atheists believe non-intelligent natural forces can do it. Christians have evidence to support their conclusion. Since atheists don’t have any such evidence, their belief requires a lot more faith.

(3) Hundreds of years before hand, ancient writings foretold the coming of a man who would actually be God. This man-God, it was foretold, would be born in a particular city from a particular bloodline, suffer in a particular way, die at a particular time, and rise from the dead to atone for the sins of the world. Immediately after the predicted time, multiple eye witnesses proclaimed and later recorded that those predicted events had actually occurred. Those eyewitnesses endured persecution and death when they could have saved themselves by denying the events. Thousands of people in Jerusalem were then converted after seeing or hearing of these events, and this belief swept quickly across the ancient world. Ancient historians and writers allude to or confirm these events, and archaeology collaborates them. Having seen evidence from creation that God exists, Christians believe these multiple lines of evidence show beyond reasonable doubt that God had a hand in all these events. Atheists must have a lot more faith to try to explain away the predictions, the eyewitnesses testimony, the willingness of the eyewitnesses to suffer and die, the origin of the Christian church and the corroborating testimony of the other writers, archaeological finds and other evidence."
(I don't have enough faith to be and Atheist: Geisler and Turek)